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Christ in a Red Robe - Paper Print 11" x 17"
Divine Redeemer - Canvas Giclee 16" x 20"
Facing Eternity - Limited Edition 24" x 34" Canvas Giclee - Framed
Gethsemane (Detail) - 16" x 20" Canvas Giclee
He is Risen - Canvas Giclee 18" x 24" - Framed
Healing at the Pool of Bethesda Canvas Giclee 24" x 30"
I Am - Canvas Giclee 18" x 18" - Unframed
I Have Prayed for Thee - Paper Giclee 12" x 16"
Living Water - Canvas Giclee 27" x 22.5" - Framed 36" x 31"
Lost Lamb - Canvas Giclee 18" x 24" - Not Framed
Lost Lamb- Canvas Giclee 18" x 24" - Framed
Perfect Love - Canvas Giclee 18" x 27" - Framed
Premier Chagrin (First Grief) - Canvas Giclee 16" x 20"
Queen Esther - 17" x 28" Canvas Giclee
Rescue of the Lost Lamb - Lithograph Print 15" x 15"
Rescue of the Lost Lamb 20" x 20" Canvas Giclee
The Last Supper - Framed 11" x 14" Print
The Lord is My Shepherd - Canvas Giclee 18" x 24" - Not Framed
Welcome - Canvas Giclee 24" x 30"
Well Done - 11" x 14" Lithograph Print with 16" x 20" Mat
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Welcome to the Family Art Gallery of Religious Art

Serving you with Family Oriented, Christian Art
that Inspires the Mind and Comforts the Soul

We are having a SALE
We have hundreds of items on sale.
The sale prices are listed on the pages for each artist. Look at the tabs at the top of the page and click on the name of an artist. You will see many items at reduced prices!

Agony in the Garden by Franz Schwartz
This is the latest addition to our collection of Religious Art. If you would like to see ordering information for this item, click on the SACRED GIFTS tab at the top of the page.

Gethsemane (Altarpiece Version) by Carl Bloch
Many of our Customers greatly enjoy the works of Carl Bloch.  In order to make these beautiful masterworks available to everyone, we have created a new collection of quality paper prints that are a very reasonable way to start your collection of Carl Bloch art.
Prices start at $9.99

Click on the Carl Bloch Paper Prints box at the top of the page for ordering information.
Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd by Simon Dewey
Lead Kindly Light by Simon Dewey
He is Risen by Del Parson

We hope you enjoy this beautiful image of the Savior. It represents His glorious Resurrection that brings eternal life to us all. A lovely image that will bring a spiritual uplift to your home.

Click on the Del Parson box at the top of the page to see the works we have for your viewing pleasure.

Perfect Love by Del Parson

The following images represent the best and most popular items by this great artist. Please click on the MINERVA TEICHERT box at the top of the page to see many more items. Many are on SALE! 

"Rescue of the Lost Lamb" by Minerva Teichert

"Queen Esther" by Minerva Teichert

"Men of Galilee" by Simon Dewey
This beautiful image by Simon Dewey will certainly bring a spiritual uplift to your home. The image is an impressive 48" x 21". This framed piece is 56" wide and 29" high. A perfect item to bring a fine art feeling to even the largest room. Offered now on SALE.

We are pleased to carry the complete line of Simon Dewey works. To browse through our Simon Dewey selections click on the SIMON DEWEY box at the top of the page.

"Christ Walking on the Waters"

We are pleased to offer this beautiful work by Von Klever.

We believe this image will make an important addition to the spiritual influence in any home. It presents the majesty of the Savior with a calm dignity that brings a sense of peace to troubled times. Click on the Christ Walking on the Waters box at the top of the page for ordering information.

The Second Coming by Harry Anderson

To see more of Harry Anderson's images, click on the "HARRY ANDERSON" box at the top of the page.

Without Any Ire by Nancy Glazier

This beautiful work depicts the millennial day when the Lamb can lie down with the Lion

Click on the Without Any Ire box at the top of the page to see more information.
"Worth of a Soul" by Liz Lemon Swindle

This touching image of the Savior holding an African child was inspired by the artist's humanitarian work in Africa. In these troubled times, this image builds our hope in the Savior's love for all mankind. His tender mercy is showered upon us all. 
lick on the Liz Lemon Swindle box at the top of the page to see other beautiful works.
"Every Knee Shall Bow" by J Kirk Richards

This image is  by the noted young artist J Kirk Richards.
To see more of Kirk's images, click on the "J KIRK RICHARDS" tab at the top of the page. 

Christ and the Child by Carl Bloch


We take pleasure is presenting one of the most complete collections of art by this famous 19th Century Danish Artist.
We have found an excellent source for these beautiful images, and can offer these high quality canvas giclees for a special price

You can click on the 'Carl Bloch Collection' tab at the top of the page to see these masterworks. 

William Bouguereau

We are pleased to announce a new group of masterworks
by the famous 19th Century French Artist, William Bouguereau.
We hope you will find them a special addition to our Gallery.
Innocence by William Bouguereau

If you click on the Bouguereau Art box at the top of the screen you will find an excellent collection of his masterworks.
Take some time and read the latest edition of our ART REVIEW.
It has several articles on art and the home.
Just click on the 'Newsletter' tab at the top of the page.


Please be advised that Family Art Gallery does not do framing. We acquire our framed items directly from the publisher of the art. Although we sometimes try to show the color and design of the frames along with the art image, we have no control over the final appearance of the frames. The publishers try to keep the frame designs stable, however, sometimes the manufacturer of the frame molding will discontinue a design, and the publisher will have to make some slight modifications. They attempt to keep the overall appearance of the framed item the same.

Our advice to our Customers is that if the color and design of the frame is of great importance to you, just order the print or canvas giclee as a separate item, and do not purchase the item already framed.
Then you can take the print or canvas giclee to a local framer, where you can select a design that will meet your needs. This is your best assurance that you will have an art object that will be a delight to yourself and a great addition to your home.

If you want to know what the Shipping and Handling Charges for your order will be before you place your order, please click on the SHIPPING CHARGES tab at the top of the page.

Click on the About Us box at the top of the page if you would like to know about our business policies:
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